Visit the shops in city

Location analytics represent the new battleground in retail, but imagine if you could apply the same analytics for online attribution to offline purchases. Offline affiliate marketing does just that, giving retailers the tools to analyze data from in-store purchases similar to what they can do for online purchases. The industry, with several new advances, is closing the gap to making that situation a reality.

One of the biggest initiatives underway now comes from Foursquare, which is launching a location analytics service called Attribution. The service offers local retailers the ability to put big data to work in understanding what motivates foot traffic. Foursquare promises its Pilgrim platform will be able to identify when consumer phones enter one of the 65 million locations that register more than one billion place visits per month.

As soon as data is collected it can be analyzed in real-time. That lets retail partners make adjustments in the middle of a campaign. Retailers can receive daily reports on what’s driving business and fine tune as necessary.

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