How Young Millennials are Embracing Mobile Apps For Holiday Shopping

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As technology continue to develop, mobile apps are becoming an increasingly popular way for young millennials to shop during the holiday season. No longer do they have to brace for long lines, fight through swarms of customers or spend hours searching for just the right present. Instead, all they need is a smartphone and a reliable internet connection to find great deals, coupons or bargains and complete their shopping with ease.

Who are The millennials?

The term ‘Millenials’ refers to those born between 1980 and 2000 which makeup 25% of today’s population.

As these young millennials become more tech-savvy, they embrace new technologies such as mobile apps for holiday shopping. Mobile apps offer more convenience than traditional retail outlets; users can browse products anytime, anywhere and compare prices in a matter of seconds providing them with greater options compared to physical stores that may have limited stock selection or higher prices due to overhead costs.

Not only are millennials taking advantage of these features, but they are also benefitting from discounts not available offline while also avoiding costly delivery fees as most platforms offer free shipping depending on its total value.

Research has shown that: of the millennial holiday shoppers, 92% said they use their mobile phones while shopping, compared to 73% of all shoppers who were surveyed at the time of the research.

All shoppers, including millennials, primarily use mobile to find deals, coupons and/or promo codes for stores nearby; compare prices from other stores or online; and find store locations.

The survey also found mobile shopping apps are popular, since 78% of millennials said they are willing to use shopping apps this holiday season – compared to 67% of all shoppers surveyed.

More than 80% of millennial holiday shoppers said they are interested in mobile app notifications on holiday sales, while about 65% of all surveyed either receive – or would consider signing up to receive – mobile alerts on the latest deals.

While 57% of all surveyed prefer to shop alone, millennials are 94% more likely than all others to shop with friends or family members.

Why younger consumers prefer to use apps for holiday shopping.

Alongside convenience, studies show that millennials view mobile shopping as being more fun than traditional methods offering additional interactive elements such as product reviews or direct customer service access.

Millennials also prefer online retailers based on their ability to personalize their shopping experience by delivering products tailored around their tastes & preferences based on previous purchases etc—all without leaving home.

This combined with timely notifications about special offers & deals further encourage users towards utilizing mobile apps when completing their holiday shopping.

Benefits of Mobile Shopping For Millenials

Apart from greater convenience and personalization options mentioned earlier, there are other unique benefits associated when it comes to buying gifts through dedicated apps as opposed to physical stores or websites—such as being able to save items wish lists that can be shared among family/friends so they too may purchase.

Alongside this users can even benefit from loyalty programs where points can be earned towards discounts and cashback rewards further increasing customer satisfaction & retention!

Additionally many providers offer gift cards which allow users purchase products across multiple sites all within one platform making organisation simpler while saving time!

It is clear that young millennials are embracing mobile applications when it comes completing holiday shopping tasks due to convenience these provide alongside attractive features like personalization and loyalty offers. However, potential issues regarding data protection privacy mean extra caution must be taken before proceeding with any purchase!

With this said, understanding important points which help choose best app according needs including making sure compatible current devices being used also crucial taking full advantage what available !

Ultimately following advice above will ensure seamless experience sorting presents loved ones easier ever before allowing everyone enjoy festive period greater peace mind than usual !

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