Find&Save - Storefront

Get free advertising for your small business

Showcase your products and sales for free on your local newspaper website, and mobile shopping apps.

After registering your store the first time you use the app, you can feature your products in three easy steps:

  1. Take a photo of any item from your store or select existing photos from your phone’s library. Easily edit, sharpen and enhance your photo.
  2. Enter basic offer details such as title, price, discount and coupon code.
  3. Upload it for local shoppers to see your products and sales!

You can then instantly share your offers with friends or existing customers via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email. There’s no limit on how many offers you can feature to local shoppers for free.

Find&Save reaches millions of consumers on local newspaper sites across the country, and mobile shopping apps.

Your free ad will be featured next to major retailers, such as Macy’s, Target, CVS and Lowes.

Shoppers turn to Find&Save to discover in-store sales and products around them based on their location.

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