Mommy PR – 9 Free Cash Back Apps

We all love to save money but sometimes it can be time consuming at the store. These apps will save you sanity on top of time & money. Just purchase your items like normal (even with coupons!) then upload the receipts to each app. Some of these are for certain products and some are just for receipts.

Example: Say I go shopping at Lowes. I need to buy some plants, then I see Find & Save has a cash back offer of 3% back on any Lowes purchase. I simply upload my receipt and earn my cash back. Another example would be if I went to Family Dollar and grabbed bread & milk. An app like Ibotta would need me to scan the bar-code of the items and the receipt. Still simple and I earn my cash back. What’s even greater, is you can use coupons on the items, plus use all the apps together!