Discover the latest sales in your area.

Want to know what’s on sale nearby? Find&Save shows you all the sales in your area.

Find&Save is on apps for iOS and Android devices, on and on newspaper sites across the country in all 50 of the top 50 DMAs (designated market areas).

Find&Save features the latest deals from more than 400 retailers, including Macy’s, Target, Safeway, Home Depot, Staples and Best Buy, to name a few.

Whether you are looking for sales in your neighborhood, while you are in the mall or on the other side of the country while on vacation, Find&Save shows you the deals near your current location.

Find&Save gathers all the sales from weekly ads in your newspaper or mailbox, email sale alerts from retailers, and information from our content partners to bring all the latest sales and products in one place.

Find&Save features millions of items from more than 18,000 leading brands including, Nike, Revlon, Gap, Apple, Sony, Ray Ban, Coach and Disney.

With Find&Save you can…

Get CouponsUse coupons in store –
Get coupons and redeem them at your favorite stores right from the app.

Create/Edit a shopping list across all devices –
As they explore, shoppers can easily create a list of sale items of personal interest. The shopping list can be saved for in-store viewing on a smartphone.

Get sale alerts –
Shoppers can get timely alerts and reminders about expiring sales of interest at retailers they love — so they never miss another opportunity to save.

3-weekly adsAll weekly ads, one app –
Swipe through the newest weekly ads from your favorite stores at home or on the go.

Find stores near you –
Quickly discover store locations, and view details like phone number, address and directions.

Share, follow and participate –
Whether spreading the word about a great deal or getting advice about a purchase, shoppers can share sale items across social media sites and email. To keep tabs on the newest sales of personal interest, Find&Save users can also follow their favorite retailers and shopping categories.

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