month this two-day conference brought together 500+ data-driven marketers, all craving to learn and network with top growth experts from around the globe. I was lucky enough to attend both jam-packed days, which consisted of expert growth strategy sessions, panel discussions, lightning growth hack-talks and hands-on workshops.

During the first day we heard from five keynote speakers, a variety of growth marketing pioneers, thought leaders, lean startup practitioners, and big-brand product and marketing teams.

Some of the most motivating speakers from day one were Rand Fishkin, Dennis Yu, Josh Ellman and Scott Heimes. They provided many actionable insights that my team was able to immediately leverage and will continue to build on over next year.

The bulk of my learnings came from the hands-on workshop I attended. Based on Dennis Yu’s pitch from the previous day, I decided to attend his class on Facebook Growth Hacking. A large portion of Wanderful Media’s advertising budget for our cash back app Find&Save is spent on Facebook, so I definitely wanted to learn hacks for engaging our users on this network.

Here are the top 5 things I learned from Dennis Yu at the Growth Marketing Conference.

1) Analytics Setup

Dennis emphasized the importance of implementing Google Tag Manager, which has helped us update tags and code snippets on our website and mobile app for traffic analysis and marketing optimization.

Our data had been very segmented across advertising and analytics platforms, so this really helped us tie everything together. It also helped with funnel optimization; we are already seeing improvements to audience, engagement and conversion.

Dennis Yu speaking during the Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco, December 2015. Photo Credit: Growth Tactics Facebook Page

Dennis Yu speaking during the Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco, December 2015. Photo Credit: Growth Tactics Facebook Page

2) Content Marketing

As Dennis Yu said, this is the “Fuel” for growing your business. He showed us clever ways to discover relevant topics and produce original, thought-provoking content. He also laid out the necessary techniques to produce content quickly, build an audience, move that audience through the funnel and monetize them.

The BlitzMetrics content guide is already helping Wanderful Media leverage our existing content and will help us create even better content moving forward. Also, the “Plumbing Checklist” provides the framework to jumpstart your own branding, but can definitely be applied to a new business.

3) Amplification

Once you have a healthy foundation of content and great organic exposure, getting noticed on larger scale is the next logical move. You can easily do this using paid advertising, mainly on Facebook.

Dennis showed us many ways to take advantage of micro targeting on Facebook, which can be done with minimal spend. The BlitzMetrics $1/day guide is something Wanderful Media will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

4) Client Love

Relationship building is key to Wanderful Media’s longevity, since our business is fueled by the partnerships we create with national retailers. Dennis offered some great ideas to attract new audiences to our Find&Save Facebook page and strengthen our existing external relationships. He also shared a handful of online services that we are starting to use to distribute to the masses. His processes are scalable, allow us to combine our efforts and make a solid impression with others.

The Facebook Growth Hacking workshop with Dennis Yu was worth every dollar we spent, it was extremely thorough and helpful. His workshop gave us a new perspective on a number of relevant topics, uncovered several flaws with our current tracking configuration and helped us organize our pixels through Google Tag Manager.

He also provided very detailed insight into Facebook ad campaigns, showing us how to segment users and build targeted campaigns for each user type. We are very appreciative of BlitzMetrics for giving us this amazingly detailed framework. Wanderful Media will be using this extensive guide to continually grow our online presence.