Find&Save adds new ways for shoppers to (6)

The Wanderful Media team has been busy with the cash dash feature in the Find&Save app. Today, we announced three new cash back options to expand on the extremely popular feature.  Since first launching the cash back feature in November 2014, user retention has tripled – shoppers are sticking with the app and using it more often.

The original cash back feature – “Cash Dash” – uses a shopper’s current location to send alerts while they are at retail stores, such as “Spend $25 at Target, Get $10 back from Find&Save” or “Spend $15 at Walgreens, Get $5 back from Find&Save.”

Cartoon - Cash Dash TuesdayThe three new features expand upon Cash Dash, giving shoppers more offers, more often.

  1. Cash Cart: Shoppers can now select items from a weekly circular ad to create their own cash back offers.
  2. Cash Dash Tuesday: All app users receive a bonus Cash Dash offer every week, without having to be out shopping in stores.
  3. Dash Rewards: Shoppers can submit multiple receipts for a percentage back (such as 5%) for one or more retailers.

For all cash back features in the app, shoppers use their phone to take photos of receipts, and submit them approval.

Other app improvements in the latest version include a refresh of the Cash Dash Inbox, where users can view current and past offers, as well as track the status of their submitted receipts.

The cash back features are available in the Find&Save app for iPhone and Android. The Find&Save app is well-liked, with an NPS score of +31, a 4.5 star rating in the App Store and a 4.0 rating on Google Play.