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Peter Horan visited the Los Gatos office this week and shared the insights he has gained during his 40-year history of building successful media and internet businesses. Peter has played a role in five major revolutions in media and technology including: home video games (introduced Pong); personal computers; cell phones (since when they looked like large walkie talkies); Windows computing; and the internet.

He discussed the difference between how people expect the future to show up versus how it actually shows up. He referenced Ray Kurzweil‘s teachings on how the future doesn’t arrive the way we expect.

His talk framed around the five things he has learned:

  1. The future is asynchronous and unpredictable
  2. Current market leadership is no predictor of future success
  3. Consumers never ask for new technology
  4. The consumer always wins
  5. The future always wins

The event was part of Wanderful Media’s guest speaker series, a program initiated by CEO Ben T. Smith, IV which entails him bringing in fellow entrepreneurs and industry leaders to share their stories with Wanderful employees.