IMG_4142-300wKarl Jacob is a veteran entrepreneur to the start-up community, and has been an unstoppable force when it comes to building successful, dynamic companies. He has advised and consulted for dozens of corporations over the last 14 years, but his entrepreneurial spirit has always brought him back to the rocky shores of start-up land.

Wanderful Media was lucky to have him speak at our Los Gatos location as a part of our guest speaker series. He shared many of his experiences, both positive and negative, as he understands the process of building a business.

One of his points was realizing the strength that specific words can have on the viral coefficient of a marketing push. Through the replacement of a single word, he was able to dramatically increase user engagement with one of his current products.

Here are four additional key takeaways from Karl’s talk:

  • Karl compared the similarity between entrepreneurship and quantum mechanics. “Entrepreneurship is like a quantum interaction between your body and a wall. In quantum mechanics you could theoretically run into a wall and pass through. In startups you have to keep running into that wall hoping to pass through, but when you do – magic happens,” Karl described.
  • When starting a new company, there is always the dynamic question between building an audience vs. straight monetization. Karl told us that if we are able to achieve a monetization scheme that helps us grow, either as a company or through the user base, then work on that. The key is finding a balance.
  • You could invest 8 months in planning for their next release. With this path, there is the tendency to over think the process, something that could lose audience members or decrease possible revenue sources.
  • Karl encourages entrepreneurs to not only think about the brand proposition when building a company, but more importantly what he describes as the “viral proposition.” What value will a user’s friends bring to the app, so that they will want to share it with their friends? The social viral proposition is the key to user engagement.