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As part of the Wanderful Speaker Series, Chris Mancini spoke at our office to share insights from his 14+ years of experience as an executive for online businesses. He currently serves as a Senior Vice President and General manager at IAC/InterActiveCorp.

Chris described transitioning from starting out as a pharmacist, and moving over to business side of the industry. With a little assistance from a Google search of a business plan template that he still uses today, he has been successfully building, scaling and evolving performance-based marketing businesses.

Highlights from what Chris shared with Wanderful include:

Success is not only making a company profitable, its finding new ways to do things.
Mancini defined success as more than just turning profit, but also finding new ways to monetize and generate traffic. Success will dictate new approaches to old problems.

Two questions to ask yourself when deciding when it’s time to leave a company:
“Am I really challenging myself?”
Growth is necessary when in a specific role. With nothing left to learn or improve on, it may be time to look for something new.

“Is this the best thing for me to do for myself?”
When and if the time comes to make a decision between staying or leaving a company, you must ask yourself what will be best in the long run.

Always Ask Rich People for Money
It can never hurt to ask from those who have more money. Network whenever you have the opportunity, and maintain good relationships. This could lead to a mutually beneficial investor relationship.

Be Honest and Open
Chris has developed numerous fruitful relationships over the years, and he says this is due to conducting business with integrity and transparency.

He also shared his future visions of doing something new and obtaining new skills, such as owning his own brick and mortar company.

Thanks Chris for sharing your knowledge with the Wanderful team!