As I wrote back in September, one of the main reasons from moving from our old location to our current location in Downtown Chico was to be near the Chico State campus continuing the long tradition of working with Chico State and its students.

As a company, Wanderful Media has made a commitment to search out the best and the brightest at the college to help fill positions within our company. Not only does this benefit us as a company but also the city of Chico and it’s ever growing technology sector.

Within our Chico office and its 101-year-old brick walls, more than 25% of the employees are either currently attending Chico State or are an alumnus. I am one of a handful of employees not from Chico State (Go Sacramento State)!

We have computer engineers, business marketing and communication majors just to name a few. In the past two years, alone we have hired over six Chico State computer engineer major and master students who contribute to our Find&Save apps and website.

Most recently, we added 4 current students to our sales and production teams. Along with hiring the students out right for open positions, we also offer semester & summer internships in a couple of departments like engineering and sales. In fact, three of our newest engineering members came from our internship program.

We have used several methods to recruit students for open positions and internships.  We sponsor speaker events at our office and invite students to these events. This is a good way to highlight our office, what we do, and talk to current employees about working at Wanderful. The next guest speaker event, which features Owler CEO Jim Fowler, will be held at our Downtown Chico office tomorrow – November 5, 2014, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. You can RSVP for the free event here.

Another effective method is participating at community events throughout Chico. Finally yet importantly are job fairs at Chico State like the Career and Internship Job Fair we will be participating on November 5th  at Chico States Bell Memorial Union Auditorium.

Chico State and Wanderful Media. Wanderful Media and Chico State. Two organizations coming together to foster growth and opportunities for current, graduating & graduated students. A win-win proposition for both.


  • Pardeep Singh – graduate (was an intern, he took a job somewhere else and then he came back to us)
  • Aaron McIntyre – current student, expected graduation 2015
  • Dan Goudy – graduate
  • Tim Elliott – graduate
  • Luis Cheung – graduate (was an intern that we hired once graduated)
  • Tony Lee – graduate (was an intern that we hired once graduated)
  • Tom Schmidt – graduate (was an intern that we hired once graduated)
  • Chris Hansen – graduate (was an intern that we hired once graduated)  Now working in Los Gatos.
  • Joshua Button – graduate (was an intern that we hired once graduated)

Sales, Client Services & Controller/HR

  • Joey Weber – graduate
  • Jeremy Cashman – graduate
  • Christina Decker – graduate
  • Alexus Ferguson – current student

Production Operations

  • Kellie Meckenstock – current student
  • Jake Wells – current student
  • Marlee Rettig – current student
  • Carolyn Jarvis – graduate


Pictured: A portion of current Wanderful Media employees who are Chico State students and alumni.