TomKersten_hi-resToday we announced the appointment of Tom Kersten as its chief revenue officer (CRO). Tom brings more than 20 years of high-profile sales and advertising experience to Wanderful Media, including 12 years at Microsoft Advertising.

Tom will lead the company’s revenue generation processes and align all future revenue-related functions.

Prior to Wanderful Media, he was vice president of media and advertising sales for MyBuys, and was responsible for building and developing its media and advertising division.

At Microsoft, Tom spent more than a decade in its advertising sales division, where he was instrumental in signing the first digital advertising deals with Target, Best Buy, Kohls and Circuit City, among others.

As Microsoft’s global director for retail, Tom was responsible for setting sales strategy and execution for the retail industry. He led Microsoft’s digital circular efforts, focused on offer distribution for the largest retail brands.

Tom Kersten Press Release