FindnSave Android app

Yesterday’s announcement of Wanderful Media receiving $14.5 million brought the total funding from our media company investors to $50.5 million. This will be used to fuel growth and innovation for Find&Save.

We also announced the launch of Find&Save for Android, which is now available in the Google Play store. It joined existing apps for iPad and iPhone.

Since the launch of reimagined Find&Save one year ago, Wanderful Media has seen strong momentum, with new retail and content delivery partnerships, growth into new regional markets and a new Silicon Valley-style office in downtown Chico, Calif.

We’ve come a long way in just one year. Highlights include:

  • A reimagined Find&Save rolled out across newspaper websites across the country, and the launch of
  • New Find&Save apps for iPad and iPhone, where shoppers can find sales nearby, browse mobile circulars and access shopping lists on the go.
  • New partnerships with major retailers include the development of mobile offers to local shoppers based on their location.

Check out the slideshow below to see how much Find&Save has changed since the company launch in October 2012, when “Find n Save” was solely a place on newspaper sites to look at online circulars. The images include the beta launch of in January 2013, the official Find&Save launch in April 2013, the tablet and mobile app launches and a couple of featured sales for holidays.


"Find n Save" on newspaper sites in October 2012. in Beta - January 2013 Launch of the reimagined Find&Save - April 2013 Back to School 2013 on Find&Save Find&Save for iPad - September 2013 Black Friday 2013 on Find&Save Find&Save for iPhone - November 2013 iPad and iPhone apps featured in the App Store - October 2013 to present Spring 2014 featured sales on Find&Save for iPad Find&Save for Android - April 2014
iPad and iPhone apps featured in the App Store - October 2013 to present