How we leveraged Branch Metrics to increase conversion for the Find&Save app

At Wanderful Media, we’re always looking for new ways to answer two recurring questions: How can we do a better job at 1) providing value to our users and 2) giving them reasons to keep using our Find&Save shopping app?

A year ago, we were grappling to find a solution to give our users an easy way of sharing the app with friends and rewarding them for it. We introduced a share code that incentivized users for doing just that. Initially, our user experience for sharing the app was complicated: it had 5+ screens, and it was also not always reliable for a portion of our users.

We needed to fix that. Enter Branch Metrics.

Branch is a company that does attribution tracking. In short, their technology tells us with certainty who invited whom to download the app and lets us reward the inviter for his/her efforts.

Branch also gives us the ”Cliff Notes” of what content our users like, so we can give them more of it and make it more personalized. In addition to telling us that Sally invited Bob to use the app. Branch can help tell us where Bob likes to shop and what Bob likes to buy. Ultimately, bringing more meaningful deals for our users at their favorite places to shop.

We’re also able to use Branch links to send a specific cash back offer to our users. Previously, a user would click on the link, which would take them to the app. Now, they are deep-linked into the app to the specific cash back offer that they are interested in.

before after branch

This is extremely helpful for our ads (an ad featuring a Walmart deal will take a new user to that deal), as well as for our email and social media marketing efforts.

Since integrating Branch’s technology, we’ve seen higher conversion for our cash back offers (since people are getting more appealing offers when they need them), and this results in happier users sticking with the app for longer.

Without Branch, we would have to invest considerably more time developing an internal solution, but instead have been able to have our engineering resources focus on improving other areas of our app for our users.

Oh, and another great feature about Branch: it’s completely free.