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Find&Save at Chico's Thursday Night Market

Find&Save at Chico’s Thursday Night Market

The Chico Certified Farmer’s Thursday Night Market brings fresh quality locally grown food and handmade artisan products since 1980.  While walking around the streets of downtown, you can find a wonderful selection of fresh picked fruit, vegetables, honey, flowers and local products. The market is also one of the top social gatherings in Chico. One... more
Wanderful Thursday Nights in Chico

Wanderful Thursday Nights in Chico

Wanderful Media’s Find&Save made its debut at the Downtown Chico Thursday Night Market, a popular event held every Thursday from April through September. Shoppers were invited to download and install the Find&Save apps, and were rewarded with a chance to win swag with a roll of the dice. Production techs Chris Wilson, Jason Mackey, Krystal... more